MYscara is a semi permanent mascara, which adds length, volume and curl to your lashes, applied only by professional trained therapists to provide the look of mascara that lasts around 3 to 4 weeks. After 3 to 4 weeks, you can return for a top up/refresh treatment, to help the original application last a few more weeks, or you can have any residue product removed and a fresh application applied, to last for weeks again!!

MYscara is a safe and eye friendly lash coating. It is applied professionally and cannot be purchased for home use. It has a similar effect to traditional mascara but lasts weeks. It won’t smudge or budge no matter how much you get them wet.

The treatment takes around 30 minutes. You can have 1 – 2 coats for a natural look or more coats for a thicker more dramatic look.

  • No more panda eyes!!
  • No more removal at night only to have to apply again in the morning!!
  • No more trips to the ladies to remove dark smudges every few hours!!
  • Just wake up looking like you have freshly applied mascara!!
  • No more trouble applying mascara due to bad eye sight!

Myscara (semi-permanent mascara) - 45 mins £25.00 - £30.00


BDB 1.jpg

BDB are an eyebrow designing treatment using a patented tool called the Brow Buddy. It is used to work out the eyebrow shape suited to your face, no stenciling, and certainly no guesswork!

Using the Brow Buddy pencil new brows are designed to frame your face shape.
A specialist tint is available in 5 shades as optional which means you will not end up with Scouse brows!

  • New brows are designed to frame YOUR individual face shape.
  • We work to shape and remove hair using  a unique cutting process, precision waxing and designated hair removal.
  • Our work is precise and the perfect eyebrow is completed with highlighting and shading.
  • All our EYEBROW ARTISTS are specially trained in this new technique from Beverley Hills
  • Celebrity fans include: Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, Paula Abdul & Miley Cyrus
  • A stunning finish that transforms your face!

Billion Dollar Brows £22.50


  • Natural nails (soak, scrub, cuticles, massage) £13.50 £18.00 

  • Callous peel (hard skin removal)  £15.00 

  • Acrylic Nails £32.00

  • Acrylic Infill  From £20.00 

  • Infills From £22.00 Overlay £30.00